Watch Full Silent Movie East Side-West Side with Eileen Percy in 1923

Watch Eileen Percy in the 1923 silent film East Side-West Side.

The only known complete copy of the silent feature East Side-West Side (1923) is a Kodascope print originally intended for home viewing in the possession of Jon C. Mirsalis, who when he’s not directing a large toxicology lab and discovering the missing reel of the biggest pie fight ever captured on film, both collects and provides musical accompaniment for silent films.

At the center of East Side-West Side is Lory James (Eileen Percy), her poor east side roommates Kit (Maxine Elliott Hicks) and Eunice (Lucille Hutton), her wealthy west side boss Duncan Van Norman (Kenneth Harlan), with money as the central divide. Principal Pictures released this six reel melodrama, which was adapted from a Broadway play, in 1923. The film was later released on the 16mm home market in a five reel Kodascope version and that’s what we present here with a terrific score by none other than Jon Mirsalis.

Interesting Facts About Silent Movie Star Eileen Percy

Eileen Percy (1900–1973)
Eileen Percy was born in Belfast, Ireland on August 21, 1900. She got an early start in films when she landed the role of Ethel Forsythe in 1917’s Down to Earth (1917). She was barely 17 years old. Eileen was kept busy as the twenties rolled in with roles in The Third Eye (1920), Why Trust Your Husband (1921), Let’s Go (1923), and Tongues of Flame… See full bio »
Born: August 21, 1900 in Belfast, Ireland [now in Northern Ireland], UK
Died: July 29, 1973 (age 72) in Beverly Hills, California, USA

Sister of actress Thelma Percy.
Silent film actress.
Eileen Percy was portrayed by the lovely Arlene Dahl in the MGM film Three Little Words (1950), with Red Skelton as her songwriting husband Harry Ruby.
Her child was three years old at time of divorce in 1930
Her first husband was the grandson of the brewer Adolphus Busch.

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