10 Fascinating Photos of Chinatown, New York in 1900s

Chinaman mailing New Year's card, 1900

These photographs offer a rare look into New York City’s Chinatown from over 100 years ago!  A lot of hustle and bustle!

Chinatown, New York City, 1910
Chinaman mailing New Year’s card, 1900
New Years feast, Chinatown 2/18/12
New Years Greeting, Chinatown 1912

Chinatown, New York City – Chinese New Year, 1909
15 Pell St. Chinatown, New York, 1900
Photograph shows a street in Chinatown, possibly in New York City, with pedestrians and automobiles, 1915.
Street scene, Chinatown, New York City in 1913.
Photograph shows street scene in front of Cafe Mandarin, 11-13 Doyers Street, Chinatown, New York City. Sign at upper right is for the Morning Star Mission, 17 Doyers Street. Sign at lower right is for the Rescue Society Midnight Mission