Celebrity Mugshots Made to Look Like They Were Taken in 1920s

There’s a strange connection that draws us into vintage photographs. Seeing doppelgängers (look-a-likes) in old pictures is our brain’s way of linking us to the past. We see what isn’t there – someone recognizable, a family member, maybe a friend, and then there are the ones that bear an uncanny resemblance to modern day celebrities. We’re so […]

An 1849 Guide Lists Philadelphia’s Best Brothels

Haunting Photographs of the Prostitutes of Storyville, New Orleans’ Legalized Red Light District, circa 1912

This Guide to the Stranger offered young men visiting Philadelphia guidance in their choice of brothel or “bed house” (where rooms could be rented by the hour, for assignation purposes). The entire text of the 1849 booklet is available here, via the Library Company of Philadelphia. Historian Rodney Hessinger notes that by the 1840s a culture of “rakes”—male libertines who partook in […]

14 Colorized Photos That Show Horrors of Battle of Stalingrad

These amazing colorized photos of the Battle of Stalingrad by Olga. There is something seeing them this way that brings out the true horrors of war. The Battle of Stalingrad (23 August 1942 – 2 February 1943) was the most major confrontation of World War II in which Germany and its allies fought the Soviet Union for control of the city of Stalingrad (now Volgograd) in Southern Russia. Marked […]

Stunning Colorized construction photos of 10 global landmarks

Colorized construction photos of 10 global landmarks. These 10 photographs, in monochrome and then reconstructed color, are taken from the forthcoming book The Paper Time Machine, a collaboration between Retronaut and Jordan Lloyd of Dynamichrome. The finished book will contain 130 reconstructed color historical photographs arranged chronologically, chosen and introduced by Retronaut. c. 1920 Jordan: “The […]

Old Color Photos of Native Americans

As a filmmaker, Paul Ratner is drawn to old color photos of Native Americans. His first love of film came from old black and white movies by world cinema auteurs like the jarring works of Bergman, Eisenstein, Bunuel, Lang, Dreyer, Ozu and other great masters. For a while in college, he felt it was almost like cheating […]

Slim Aarons: fashion and celebrities of the ’50s and’ 60s

The lifestyle of the ’50s and’ 60s is seen with a certain nostalgia especially in these times of crisis and difficulty, and is remembered for the celebrities and fashion fashion that characterized it. While in Italy there was the Dolce Vita Romana, in New York Slim Aarons photographed the celebrities and the most famous jet set […]

Headless Photos of the Victorian Period

Headless Photos of the Victorian Period. It’s  not easy to remember the world before Photoshop and digital photo editing. Probably some people believe that, before the advent of technology, the photographs were simple representations of reality at the time of shooting. These statements are true, but not entirely. In Victorian times, photography was a booming […]

15 Vintage photographs of the “Monsters” of the Circus

The circus has changed a lot over the last hundred years, turning its identity from “freak” to a show with a more sporting nature. During the 1800s it was virtually impossible for the smaller circuses to have access to the number of animals that are available nowadays, and so the research was focused on human beings […]

The Bullet Bra: indispensable lingerie for the 40s and 50s women!

The bullet bra certainly made a statement! Given this was the 1940’s and 1950’s it must of caused quite a stir! The projectile bra was an intimate item of clothing that became famous in the post-war period, in the late 1950s, and remained in use until the 1960s. The characteristic of the bra was obviously to […]

Photos of the Prostitutes of Storyville, New Orleans’ Legalized Red Light District, circa 1912

Haunting Photographs of the Prostitutes of Storyville, New Orleans’ Legalized Red Light District, circa 1912

First of all, the pictures are unforgettable – photography’s ultimate standard of value. And it’s not hard to see why the trove of glass negatives by a hitherto unknown photographer working in New Orleans in the early years of this century became one of the most admired recoveries in photography’s widening, ever incomplete history. E. […]