11 Must See Vintage Magic Posters

These 11 vintage magic posters pertaining to late-19th and early 20th-century and show performers such as Joseph Dunninger, Hardeen, Harry Houdini, the Hermanns, Harry Kellar, Martinka & Co., Harry Thurston and the Zancigs. Posters are for the following: Albini, Brush, Dunninger, Germain the Wizard, Houdini, Hill Magical Co., Kellar, Laurant, Rouclere, and Thurston.  Of course […]

11 Rare Photos of Marx Brothers In I’ll Say She Is

Marx Brothers In I’ll Say She Is. These 11 rare publicity photos (1928) of the Marx Brothers show there rise to stardom in the Broadway musical comedy “I’ll Say She Is”. ‘ll Say She Is led to the Marxes’ rise out of vaudeville into stardom in the Broadway theatre and later in motion pictures, and […]

Funny Vintage Photos of Hillary Clinton in Bow-Tie Blouses and Midi-Skirts

God bless Chelsea Clinton. Just when we were getting a little fed up with the Republican National Convention’s hold on the news cycle, she swooped in with exactly the pick-me-up we needed: a “throwback Thursday” post full of glorious vintage photos of her mother. Is this shameless pandering to the all-important people-who-enjoy-looking-at-old-pictures demographic? Yes. Are […]

10 Vintage Photos of Old London Pubs

The Tiger, Prince Street Deptford London, SE8

These 10 vintage photos of old London Pubs show this important public institution at its quintessential best. A pub, or public house, is an establishment licensed to sell alcoholic drinks, which traditionally include beer (such as ale) and cider. It is a relaxed, social drinking establishment and a prominent part of British, Irish, New Zealand, […]

Vintage Photographs of Dublin’s Inner City

David Jazay arrived in Dublin in the early 1980s on a German-Irish school exchange program. The inner city fascinated him right away, and he began photographing its working-class residents and its old Georgian buildings for the next decade. “It was a rich layer-cake of history, that much was apparent, even if Dubliners tend to remember the […]

The Secret History of Hunky Male Beefcakes

In the same way that porn magazines are often hidden under pillows or locked away on the top shelves of closets, the history of “beefcake” photography has been highly secretive. The photographers and models who created the hunky, hypermasculine work beginning in the 1940s right up to the pre-disco age did it on the sly, […]

Never Before Seen Photos of Vivian Maier

Since Vivian Maier’s photographs were unearthed at an auction several years back, her work and her story have captivated people across the world. The idea that a lifelong nanny was secretly an astoundingly good street photographer—that the greatest collection of photos of Chicago from the 1950s through the 1970s had been sitting undiscovered in storage unit […]

Vintage Photos Show Amazing Vancouver Neon Signs and Streets Scenes in 1950s

Man with Bandage

These colorful photos show what Vancouver’s Upper East Side and downtown looked like in its’ glory days of the 1950’s.  The photographer captures a city basking in the glow of neon signs. The Vancouver photographs of Fred Herzog are awash with vibrant color. They are complex, mysterious, exuberant, and full of life, much like the […]