Funny Vintage Photos of Hillary Clinton in Bow-Tie Blouses and Midi-Skirts

That hat, that vest, could you die? Bill, Chelsea, and Hillary Clinton in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, in 1993. (David Ake/AFP/Getty Images)

God bless Chelsea Clinton. Just when we were getting a little fed up with the Republican National Convention’s hold on the news cycle, she swooped in with exactly the pick-me-up we needed: a “throwback Thursday” post full of glorious vintage photos of her mother. Is this shameless pandering to the all-important people-who-enjoy-looking-at-old-pictures demographic? Yes. Are we OK with that? Also yes.

In an essay for the website Pop Sugar, Chelsea shared some rarely seen family photos from the Clinton vault. You may be thinking, Hillary Clinton has been in the public eye for the last 25-odd years, always there with her pantsuits and blond ‘do, what can there possibly be that I haven’t seen before? Well think again. Just when you thought you knew everything about this woman, pictures of her as a BRUNETTE emerge. Earth-shattering. Even more astonishing? She looked great with brown hair. Who knew we had a McAdams in our midst? (McAdams being the technical term for a woman who looks good with all hair colors.)

In addition to the hair revelations (including pictures from the days when Chelsea still had curly hair, RIP), the photos also offer a treasure trove of, dare we say, iconic fashion moments. Hillary in a midi-skirt and slouchy boots. Hillary in a bow-tie blouse that is actually extremely cute and looks like something Madewell would sell. Some truly epic sweaters.

You can head to Pop Sugar to see Chelsea’s photo selections, but since we couldn’t get enough of Hillary’s vintage looks (including one with a Game Boy that presages the famous BlackBerry photo), we’ve furnished this post with a few more old photos. We even did the painstaking work of scrolling allllll the way to beginning of Hillary Clinton’s Instagram feed to find the best ones, so you’re welcome.

Power bangs, power scarf. Hillary and Chelsea in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1993.
(J. David Ake/AFP/Getty Images)

Accessorizing like a pro. Bill, Chelsea, and Hillary Clinton on Election Day 1992 in Little Rock, Arkansas. (Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images)

Hillary’s big hair here reminds you of the years she spent living in the South. Chelsea and Hillary Clinton at the Taj Mahal in Agra, India in the ’90s. (Douglas E. Curran/AFP/Getty Images)

(Via Slate)

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