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20 Vintage Red Man Chewing Tobacco Ads

20 Vintage Red Man Chewing Tobacco Ads

The Red Man brand of chewing tobacco was first introduced to the US in 1904. Promotional activities tied-in with rural and outdoor sporting events was a main stay of Red Man s marketing strategy. From 1952 to 1955, Red Man produced a series of baseball cards, the only tobacco company to do so after 1920. […]

Rare Vintage Photos From The History of Skiing

history of skiing photo

The history of skiing, believe-it-or-not stretches over almost five millennia! Based on ancient paintings it is believed that skiing was first practiced in China, of all places.  Modern skiing, however, started in Scandinavia.  The word “ski” is Norwegian and means “split piece of wood.”  Early skiers used only one pole and it wasn’t until about […]

Rare Old Vintage Baseball Cards from 1887s

Old vintage baseball cards were first issued during the 1880s when tobacco companies used them to promote sales. Although they also served periodically to stiffen soft cigarette packages, advertising was their primary function, for as early as 1887 cards and cigarettes were packed in more rigid “slide and shell” boxes which had no need for […]