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16 Sexist and Racist Vintage Advertisements That Are Shocking Today

These vintage advertisements are from Beyond Belief, a book by art collector and former advertising executive Charles Saatchi, which brings together the most shocking advertising campaigns of the last century. From racism and sexism to dodgy health claims, nothing was out of bounds for the real-life Mad Men. “In the middle of the last century, marketing […]

18 Vintage Photographs Document Runaway Teenagers Living in the Streets of Seattle in the 1980s

Mary Ellen Mark (1941-2015) put her hands on photography in the 1960s, depicting streets scenes in her native Philadelphia as well as anti-Vietnam and women’s rights demonstrations in New York. Quite promptly, when working for Look magazine, the American photographer chose to chronicle the existences of the desperate, the marginals, the homeless, the wounded of life such […]

Vintage Photographs of Dublin’s Inner City

David Jazay arrived in Dublin in the early 1980s on a German-Irish school exchange program. The inner city fascinated him right away, and he began photographing its working-class residents and its old Georgian buildings for the next decade. “It was a rich layer-cake of history, that much was apparent, even if Dubliners tend to remember the […]

Never Before Seen Photos of Vivian Maier

Since Vivian Maier’s photographs were unearthed at an auction several years back, her work and her story have captivated people across the world. The idea that a lifelong nanny was secretly an astoundingly good street photographer—that the greatest collection of photos of Chicago from the 1950s through the 1970s had been sitting undiscovered in storage unit […]

An 1849 Guide Lists Philadelphia’s Best Brothels

Haunting Photographs of the Prostitutes of Storyville, New Orleans’ Legalized Red Light District, circa 1912

This Guide to the Stranger offered young men visiting Philadelphia guidance in their choice of brothel or “bed house” (where rooms could be rented by the hour, for assignation purposes). The entire text of the 1849 booklet is available here, via the Library Company of Philadelphia. Historian Rodney Hessinger notes that by the 1840s a culture of “rakes”—male libertines who partook in […]

Old Color Photos of Native Americans

As a filmmaker, Paul Ratner is drawn to old color photos of Native Americans. His first love of film came from old black and white movies by world cinema auteurs like the jarring works of Bergman, Eisenstein, Bunuel, Lang, Dreyer, Ozu and other great masters. For a while in college, he felt it was almost like cheating […]

Slim Aarons: fashion and celebrities of the ’50s and’ 60s

The lifestyle of the ’50s and’ 60s is seen with a certain nostalgia especially in these times of crisis and difficulty, and is remembered for the celebrities and fashion fashion that characterized it. While in Italy there was the Dolce Vita Romana, in New York Slim Aarons photographed the celebrities and the most famous jet set […]

19 Bizarre Old Photos of Women and Guns

women and guns photo

These 19 old photos of women and guns show that American’s have a long and bizarre obsession with this instrument of death. There is something quite disturbing about a women or anyone for that matter, who cracks a big smile for the camera as they pose with their favourite rifle.  Guns are known to blow […]

Telegraph Messenger Boys and Their Shocking Stories

messenger telegraph boys photo

These photos of telegraph messenger boys taken at the turn of the 19th century seem innocent and almost charming on the surface. However, most of the children led troubled lives that involved drugs and alcohol. Lewis Wick Hine, an American sociologist and photographer joined the National Child Labour Committee in 1908. He spent ten years […]

Celebrate Woman’s History Month

Mrs. Ellen A. O'Grady Summary Photograph shows Ellen O'Grady, the first female police commissioner in New York

Mrs. Ellen A. O’Grady Summary Photograph shows Ellen O’Grady, the first female police commissioner in New York Women’s History Month is an annual declared month that highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society. It is celebrated during March in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, corresponding with International […]