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30 Wild Photos That Capture the Disco Scene of the 1970s

The heyday of the 1970s disco scene fashion blossomed from the music played at gay underground New York clubs such as the Loft, Tenth Floor, and 12 West in the early 1970s. Other clubs such as Infinity, Flamingo, the Paradise Garage, Le Jardin, and the Saint launched a disco culture that brought with it an […]

Old Color Photos of Native Americans

As a filmmaker, Paul Ratner is drawn to old color photos of Native Americans. His first love of film came from old black and white movies by world cinema auteurs like the jarring works of Bergman, Eisenstein, Bunuel, Lang, Dreyer, Ozu and other great masters. For a while in college, he felt it was almost like cheating […]

Slim Aarons: fashion and celebrities of the ’50s and’ 60s

The lifestyle of the ’50s and’ 60s is seen with a certain nostalgia especially in these times of crisis and difficulty, and is remembered for the celebrities and fashion fashion that characterized it. While in Italy there was the Dolce Vita Romana, in New York Slim Aarons photographed the celebrities and the most famous jet set […]

The Bullet Bra: indispensable lingerie for the 40s and 50s women!

The bullet bra certainly made a statement! Given this was the 1940’s and 1950’s it must of caused quite a stir! The projectile bra was an intimate item of clothing that became famous in the post-war period, in the late 1950s, and remained in use until the 1960s. The characteristic of the bra was obviously to […]

14 Funny Photos of 1980s Fashion For Guys

Unlike women, 1980s fashion for guys seems to change little from decade to decade.  Ralph Loren Polo dress shirts were a hot item with their tiny embroidered polo player.   And so were  tacky winter sweaters that are sold on the Internet today as joke items.  Boat shoes, Docker dress pants and pastel colors were also […]