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Alfred Hitcock’s Classic Film Rear Window

Hitchcocks movie rear window

“Rear Window” tells the story of a globe-trotting photo-journalist who breaks his leg on a dangerous assignment and is confined to a wheelchair in his Greenwich Village apartment with nothing to do all day but look out the window at his neighbors. The film alternates back and forth between two story strands–a murder mystery and […]

Watch Full Silent Movie East Side-West Side with Eileen Percy in 1923

Watch Eileen Percy in the 1923 silent film East Side-West Side. The only known complete copy of the silent feature East Side-West Side (1923) is a Kodascope print originally intended for home viewing in the possession of Jon C. Mirsalis, who when he’s not directing a large toxicology lab and discovering the missing reel of the biggest pie fight ever […]

Halloween: story behind the masked killer of cult horror film

The director and co-author of the first Halloween movie reveals how he came up with the idea of ​​the character Michael Myers, the white-masked psychopath. Not sure we really want to know it … More than a dozen days before the release of the Halloween reboot , the cult horror film revealed to the general […]

A Star is Born Once Again

A Star Is Born

  It seems there is something utterly compelling about the core story of A Star is Born, as it is now being told in theaters for the fourth time. Originally a 1937 drama starring Janet Gaynor and Fredric March, it told the story of a rising actress eclipsing the career of the alcoholic actor she falls […]