These amazing 1940s Kodachrome images of New York Street scenes are the work of Charles Weever Cushman, an amateur photographer and Indiana University alumnus. He took over  14,500 Kodachrome color slides spanning a thirty-two year span from 1938 to 1969, during which time he extensively documented the United States as well as other countries. You read his full biography here:   Charles Cushman Biography

October 7, 1942  New York Street scenes

East 7th St between 3rd & 2nd McSorley’s Old Ale House. E. 7th St.
Chinese store windows, New York’s Chinatown.
A street in New York’s Chinatown. Sidewalk along Chinese store fronts. October 7, 1943
A busy corner of Pearl St. at noon Street Address.
The Angelo’s Bakery at 58 Mulberry St. – early morning Street Address: 58 Mulberry Street Canal Street . October 6, 1942

October 4, 1942 New York Street scenes

N.E. & S. E. corners, 1st St. and Bowery.
Lower First Avenue is spruce looking.  

New York Street scenes like this are rare. Hot sweet potatoes on Sidewalk store.

Sunday afternoon gossip .
Store fronts below brick tenement.
Not all New York Street scenes were pretty. This place looks very run-down. These boys live here. Block north of Wmsbgh Bridge . Two boys pose below their parrot. They live here.
New York street scenes
N.W. corner of De Lancey & Lewis Sts.
New York Street Scene, Lower East Side . Boy meets girl in Street Scene.
West Canal Street, New York.

Airing the bed-rooms on a Sunday. New York.

Collecting the war-time salvage on lower East Side.
Crowd gathers during Salvage collection in lower East Side. Crowd gathers in front of Red Cross station during salvage collection.
Poverty, young & old, black & white. Lower East side. New York.
Two views looking up a street of many races, lower Manhattan . October 3, 1942.

October 3, 1942 New York Street scenes

Two views looking up a street of many races, lower Manhattan .

October 1, 1942 New York Street scenes

New York street scenes
Portable soft drink stand at Bowling Green . New York.
New York street scenes
West side of B’way from Bowlg Green.

September 27, 1941 New York Street scenes

Approaching Liberty St. ferry, New York City. Rail trains were also another way around the Big Apple
Lower Hudson, with Manhattan’s skyscrapers.
The old Fulton Market Manhattan’s Lower East Side Sat. afternoon .
Looking up Fulton St. from South St. New York City.
On N.Y.’s lower East Side, Lower Clinton St.
Stores near corner of Broome St. and Baruch Place, Lower East Side. New York City.
Lower East Side Corner Broome St. Baruch Pl. Saturday afternoon
Residents of lower Clinton St near East river Saturday afternoon . Jewish residents of lower Clinton St.

June 6, 1941 New York Street scenes

Downtown skyscrapers from East River pier.
South St. Along East River front.
Skyscrapers Looking toward financial District from an East River pier.
Wall St. – toward Trinity ChurchStreet Address:Wall Street.
South Ferry New York.
Looking up into Financial District from South Ferry.

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